18 January 2010


The following text capture comes from Jadyn's "Heroes Ball", which took place in the World's End Tavern, Shattrath City, on 17 January 2010. 

20:50:09.703 Jadyn yells: All make ready...
20:50:24.984 Jadyn yells: For best entertainments in world!
20:50:46.093 Jadyn yells: Livius the Limiricker!
20:50:48.015 Fallenkiss says: Don't tell me, Liv, are you going to start dancing on the stage?
20:50:49.703 Livius says: Uh oh
20:50:50.750 Jadyn claps excitedly for Livius.
20:50:51.546 Brielle claps excitedly for Livius.
20:50:52.453 Herul yells: Aaatention!
20:50:55.921 Fallenkiss cheers at Livius.
20:50:57.062 Brielle says: Yay Livius!
20:50:59.937 Livius says: Right.
20:51:03.203 Fallenkiss grins at Livius wickedly.
20:51:06.328 Gerby listens intently to Livius.
20:51:13.765 Jadyn giggles at Livius.
20:51:14.281 Livius says: So the wicked draenei girl who organized this little event....
20:51:25.140 Livius says: ...asked me to provide some ... entertainment.
20:51:25.453 Gerby cheers at Jadyn!
20:51:34.000 Livius says: She said my limericks would work.
20:51:44.046 Frinni takes a seat.
20:51:48.562 Brielle says: This is gonna be good!
20:51:50.187 Jadyn whispers: "Singy song would be much more good..."
20:52:02.859 Livius says: Now a limerick is a bit challenging. It's a 5-line poem with a set amount of syllables and rhymes.
20:52:07.703 Tyroll says: Anything would do..
20:52:08.296 Livius says: I have three of them for your tonight.
20:52:12.218 Amarthana drinks a little from her glass while looking at Livius.
20:52:13.140 Livius says: All about three people.
20:52:17.546 Livius says: Three people who are HERE!
20:52:18.453 Gerby cheers at Livius.
20:52:21.375 Livius nods.
20:52:23.390 Brielle claps excitedly to herself and squees a little.
20:52:24.390 Fallenkiss peers at Livius searchingly.
20:52:28.500 Khallos gasps at Livius.
20:52:37.250 Scruttok cheers at Livius.
20:52:42.187 Brielle claps excitedly for Livius.
20:52:42.984 Syrutaya cheers at Livius.
20:52:45.296 Scarlet says: ooow lets go listen
20:52:46.515 Livius says: Now, Blackmist Troopers have heard this one -- but for the rest of you, it might benefit.
20:52:52.953 Tyroll leans against the chair and nods at Livius
20:52:54.125 Livius clears his throat.
20:52:56.875 Amarthana grins wickedly.
20:53:02.937 Livius says: o/~ There once was a lady named Jadyn, o/~
20:53:09.453 Livius says: o/~ Who thought herself too long a maiden. o/~
20:53:12.875 Jadyn narrows her eyes.
20:53:16.984 Livius says: o/~ She thus hatched a plan o/~
20:53:24.437 Livius says: o/~ To trap her a man o/~
20:53:28.078 Gerby smiles at Jadyn.
20:53:29.859 Frinni says: Ooh!
20:53:33.468 Herul grins wickedly.
20:53:33.703 Livius says: o/~ And with little goaties be laden. o/~
20:53:37.015 Brielle laughs at Livius.
20:53:37.015 Khârgash grins at Livius wickedly.
20:53:37.296 Scruttok chuckles at Livius.
20:53:38.218 Khallos laughs at Livius.
20:53:38.515 Livius bows down graciously.
20:53:39.031 Saranini giggles at Livius.
20:53:39.625 Syrutaya smiles at Jadyn.
20:53:40.421 Fallenkiss giggles at Livius.
20:53:41.421 Brielle cheers at Livius.
20:53:41.734 Scruttok applauds at Livius. Bravo!
20:53:42.546 Herul cheers!
20:53:43.437 Livius says: OK, just two more!
20:53:43.437 Khallos laughs at Jadyn.
20:53:46.062 Khallos points at Jadyn.
20:53:46.359 Syrutaya claps excitedly for Livius.
20:53:47.171 Khallos laughs at Jadyn.
20:53:49.171 Gerby claps excitedly for Livius.
20:53:49.984 Frinni giggles at Jadyn.
20:53:51.093 Amarthana smiles.
20:53:54.406 Ilathion half-heartily claps.
20:53:55.312 Livius says: Now this next one is about a fellow who has a way with the ladies.
20:53:55.609 Jadyn says: Pfffft!
20:54:04.265 Scarlet gasps
20:54:08.937 Tyroll tips his hat down slightly
20:54:17.140 Livius says: And he's oft hanging out, fishing for them from a certain tree in the Stormwind Trading District.
20:54:21.968 Syrutaya steps closer to Tyroll
20:54:25.296 Livius says: I'm talking about Tyroll of course!
20:54:26.703 Brielle smirks slyly at Tyroll.
20:54:33.031 Livius says: So this is my limerick in honor of you, Ty.
20:54:39.890 Tyroll says: Should i be afraid?
20:54:40.687 Dorp grins wickedly at Tyroll.
20:54:43.453 Livius says: o/~ By the tree in Stormwind he tarried, o/~
20:54:45.484 Gerby giggles at Tyroll.
20:54:57.406 Livius says: o/~ For his taste in women quite varied. o/~
20:55:04.359 Livius says: o/~ But faced with arrest, o/~
20:55:10.140 Livius says: o/~ He made his protest, o/~
20:55:16.734 Livius says: o/~ 'Ah swear, didna' know she be married!' o/~
20:55:23.015 Jadyn says: Eeeee!
20:55:24.437 Gerby laughs at Tyroll.
20:55:26.140 Brielle bursts into laughter.
20:55:26.687 Livius bows down graciously.
20:55:28.953 Frinni says: That's hilarious!
20:55:30.156 Scruttok laughs at Livius.
20:55:31.078 Herul cackles maniacally at the situation.
20:55:31.078 Syrutaya scowls at Livius.
20:55:32.687 Ilathion claps excitedly for Livius.
20:55:37.125 Livius says: Thank you... Way too kind.
20:55:39.125 Pietro laughs at Livius.
20:55:39.703 Livius says: Ok, just one more....
20:55:40.625 Frinni applauds at Livius. Bravo!
20:55:43.343 Fallenkiss grins at Livius wickedly.
20:55:44.765 Tyroll shakes his head and grins.
20:55:48.828 Scarlet claps excitedly.
20:55:49.000 Livius says: Now this one is about a lady who I respect greatly.
20:55:59.281 Fallenkiss raises an eyebrow.
20:56:00.031 Amarthana smirks slyly at Livius.
20:56:02.046 Scruttok looks tipsy.
20:56:03.125 Livius says: And we've had the history together, each of us leading our own troops to glory -- or something.
20:56:12.093 Livius says: This is my limerick in honor of Saranini.
20:56:15.218 Saranini gasps at Livius.
20:56:16.640 Syrutaya claps excitedly for Livius.
20:56:17.937 Brielle says: Oooh!
20:56:18.250 Ilathion grins at Livius wickedly.
20:56:19.546 Saranini blushes at Livius.
20:56:19.546 Pietro listens intently to Livius.
20:56:19.546 Khallos gasps at Livius.
20:56:20.250 Livius clears his throat.
20:56:21.546 Gerby smiles at Saranini.
20:56:22.890 Frinni gasps.
20:56:22.890 Khârgash glances at Livius while filling glasses with drinks.
20:56:24.984 Jadyn says: Ha ha!
20:56:29.750 Livius says: o/~ A mage by name of Saranini, o/~
20:56:36.343 Livius says: o/~ Reputed to be quite the meanie. o/~
20:56:41.921 Livius says: o/~ She once had a guy, o/~
20:56:47.343 Livius says: o/~ Who told her 'goodbye', o/~
20:57:00.406 Livius says: o/~ So she pryoblasted his weenie! o/~
20:57:03.500 Scruttok winces
20:57:04.265 Frinni laughs.
20:57:04.265 Brielle chuckles at Livius.
20:57:04.421 Livius nods.
20:57:04.937 Saranini says: OW!
20:57:05.218 Herul says: Haha
20:57:05.531 Dorp laughs.
20:57:05.828 Ilathion smiles at Livius.
20:57:06.031 Gerby laughs at Saranini.
20:57:06.437 Livius bows down graciously.
20:57:06.718 Saranini says: HEY!
20:57:07.031 Khallos gasps at Livius.
20:57:07.250 Jadyn says: Weenie?
20:57:08.140 Scruttok chuckles at Livius.
20:57:08.937 Brielle says: Hahahaha!
20:57:09.640 Amarthana laughs.
20:57:09.640 Saranini says: That did not happen!
20:57:10.546 Livius thanks everyone around him.
20:57:10.843 Tyroll lets out a hearty chuckle.
20:57:10.843 Pietro claps excitedly for Livius.
20:57:12.562 Herul says: Well that explains alot
20:57:13.078 Frinni points at Saranini.
20:57:13.671 Fallenkiss chuckles at Livius.
20:57:14.687 Scarlet laughs quietly
20:57:15.671 Frinni laughs at Saranini.
20:57:17.296 Livius says: Thank you very much.
20:57:18.593 Livius waves.
20:57:20.250 Khallos says: watch yer back Liv! she'll make it true!
20:57:21.703 Syrutaya claps excitedly for Saranini.
20:57:22.281 Frinni applauds at Livius. Bravo!
20:57:22.718 Gerby claps excitedly for Livius.
20:57:26.843 Pietro looks a bit pale.
20:57:32.390 Scruttok says: why has Pietro gone pale?
20:57:38.296 Khallos laughs at Pietro.
20:57:39.625 Saranini fidgets nervously.
20:57:45.046 Pietro rearranges his hat.
20:57:49.984 Saranini mutters 'it did not happen though.'
20:57:57.234 Tyroll says: Playing with women is like playing with fire... this time its a bit more serious though eh?
20:57:57.421 Scruttok lets out a hearty chuckle.
20:57:59.937 Scarlet smiles and sips her mead
20:58:05.671 Pietro says: Guess that counts as entertainment.
20:58:09.703 Saranini says: I never did anything to anyone's ween---... things.
20:58:10.687 Syrutaya says: oh?