A Tale of Two Bulls

01 February 2010


A week or two ago, I told a story on guildchat primarily for the benefit of "Young Herul", one of my guild officers.

It started with Gerby referring to me as "slow" and Herul latching onto the comment in a somewhat derogatory way.  (As Herul is wont to do).  I tried to explain to Young Herul that "slow" is a good thing, that the "young" tend to go too "fast", much to their disadvantage.  But Young Herul was sceptical.  So to illustrate the point, I told him this story.

Let me please be clear:  I am not the creator of this story!  You'll find this story in various forms on the web, but I've been unsuccessful in tracking down the story's origin.  If you know, please tell me as I would be very happy to give credit where credit is due.

In the meantime, here is my version of the story, as I told it to "Young Herul" on the Blackmist Brigade guild channel.



Two bulls -- one young, the other old -- stood in the meadow at the base of a little hill, gazing upwards.  At the top of the hill grazed a herd of cows.

The young bull turned to the old bull and, with lustful fire in his eyes, said, "Let's run up there and fuck one of 'em!"

The old bull gazed back at his young companion and, with perfect calm, said, "Let's walk up there ... and fuck 'em all."