A recording of the events at the Brigade Muster, 04 February 2010

08 February 2010


21:09:26.406 Falzan says: Now for the grand end!
21:09:28.156 Syrutaya looks sad
21:09:33.390 Livius says: Grand?
21:09:34.609 Falzan says: Livius, could you please stand up?
21:09:34.609 Spingo cheers at Falzan!
21:09:41.609 Tyroll gently pats Syrutaya on the shoulder.
21:09:41.609 Livius says: Uhm...ok.
21:09:43.468 Litheen grins at Livius wickedly.
21:09:49.812 Khârgash eyes Livius up and down.
21:09:55.062 Ahvie turns her attention to Livius.
21:09:56.265 Livius says: Now what?
21:09:56.265 Falzan says: Now..who wants to ask the Chief a question?
21:10:01.406 Brielle gasps.
21:10:03.156 Livius says: Uh oh
21:10:04.687 Hermannson looks tipsy.
21:10:05.234 Tyroll raises a hand in the air
21:10:05.734 Spingo says: me
21:10:22.843 Livius says: Go ahead.
21:10:23.156 Spingo shoves tyroll outta the way
21:10:24.375 Brielle rubs her hands together and grins.
21:10:25.031 Khârgash says: Let each of us ask him something?
21:10:25.765 Livius says: Take your best shot.
21:10:27.156 Khârgash grins at Livius wickedly.
21:10:29.890 Litheen looks tipsy.
21:10:34.078 Livius says: Know that I consider you all whackoes.
21:10:36.187 Livius nods.
21:10:40.250 Falzan says: No time for that Khargash!
21:10:42.250 Tyroll says: Nothing new with that.
21:10:46.031 Litheen says: takesh one to know one Livius
21:10:51.500 Falzan says: but if you have a question, you can ask our chief anything!
21:10:54.343 Sevishtra chuckles at Litheen.
21:10:54.968 Livius says: So go ahead. Whacko. One of whackoes.
21:10:59.750 Livius says: If you have the balls.
21:11:05.406 Livius says: Figuratively speaking that is.
21:11:05.937 Brielle says: Ooooh.
21:11:11.703 Spingo says: Soooooo....
21:11:19.609 Sabela says: Takes one to know one Liv
21:11:21.234 Livius says: Yes, what IS it, Little Man?
21:11:33.562 Spingo takes out his Gnomish Idiots guide to demons
21:11:40.968 Khârgash says: Hugging Litheen and asking Livius a question... he's suicidal...
21:11:47.062 Spingo says: What i want to know is?
21:11:48.484 Sevishtra grins wickedly at Khârgash.
21:11:51.656 Livius says: Come on, Spingo, spit it out.
21:11:56.296 Spingo says: And i want proof...
21:12:02.328 Livius raises an eyebrow.
21:12:08.140 Spingo says: Are you a DEMON?
21:12:13.750 Falzan laughs at Spingo.
21:12:14.062 Ahvie rolls her eyes.
21:12:14.734 Hermannson sighs at Spingo.
21:12:17.468 Livius blinks at Spingo.
21:12:18.984 Tyroll says: Worst one o' em all
21:12:19.359 Livius says: No.
21:12:20.312 Sabela looks puzzled
21:12:25.734 Spingo says: Are you sure?
21:12:26.062 Khârgash facepalms.
21:12:27.203 Sevishtra smirks slyly at Spingo.
21:12:27.968 Livius shrugs. Who knows?
21:12:27.968 Ahvie says: I told you, -I'M- the only Demon here.
21:12:29.609 Falzan says: I think that's a lie.
21:12:40.546 Livius says: How do you expect me to 'prove' this?
21:12:44.687 Spingo says: Hmmm....well there is a way to prove you are not
21:12:51.578 Livius says: Oh really?
21:12:57.765 Livius says: This I simply MUST hear.
21:12:58.046 Tyroll says: Remember, certain demons have a silver tongue, he could be yanking ye chain.
21:12:58.265 Spingo says: Oh yes.....
21:13:08.203 Spingo peers back to his book
21:13:15.093 Khârgash agrees with Tyroll.
21:13:15.984 Spingo says: It says here....
21:13:16.921 Livius says: You realize you're rolling a truth AND a dare into this, but no matter.
21:13:22.234 Livius says: Continue.
21:13:31.390 Spingo points to the book and shows Livius
21:13:35.562 Falzan says: No less for the very chief!
21:13:40.375 Sevishtra listens intently to Spingo.
21:13:48.312 Spingo says: That demons...and i quote....ALL...demons...
21:13:50.109 Livius says: I can't read that chicken-scribble.
21:13:56.781 Hermannson is getting drunk off of Nethergarde Bitter.
21:13:57.312 Livius says: Then read it .
21:13:59.296 Sevishtra chuckles at Livius.
21:14:00.718 Skewsprocket sneezes
21:14:04.000 Litheen is getting drunk off of Nethergarde Bitter.
21:14:15.265 Brielle blesses Skewsprocket.
21:14:15.484 Spingo says: what...oh...well that's what is says.....CANNOT sing....can you sing?
21:14:27.828 Livius says: Of course I can.
21:14:32.765 Litheen says: Shing Livius! Prove it!
21:14:33.093 Tyroll says: O' dear... no
21:14:34.296 Syrutaya laughs.
21:14:38.328 Spingo says: Go on then!
21:14:39.468 Brielle grins wickedly.
21:14:41.734 Ahvie says: Sing for us, Chief!
21:14:48.187 Tyroll says: Ye've never heard the bloke fly around out here back in the days then..
21:14:58.125 Livius says: I sang Happy Birthday for Thark once.
21:15:00.437 Livius says: In public.
21:15:04.046 Livius says: With Troopers behind me.
21:15:06.343 Sabela grins
21:15:12.937 Tyroll nods.
21:15:15.531 Spingo says: welll i never heard it?
21:15:30.187 Livius says: Yes, what fun you missed!
21:15:33.796 Khârgash says: Who's this Thark?
21:15:43.093 Spingo says: hmm...justa note or two then?
21:15:44.078 Hermannson shiftsh closer to Litheen while whistling innocently.
21:15:44.406 Sevishtra says: sounds to me like he's stalling Spingo
21:15:57.171 Livius sighs at Spingo.
21:15:57.421 Sevishtra nods at Spingo.
21:15:58.734 Spingo says: Yes....maybe Herul WAS right
21:16:00.046 Livius says: OK....
21:16:11.750 Sevishtra claps excitedly for Livius.
21:16:12.296 Ahvie cheers at Livius.
21:16:13.828 Falzan listens intently to Livius.
21:16:17.437 Litheen cheers at Livius.
21:16:19.281 Spingo listens intently to Livius.
21:16:24.343 Livius says: I was once with a special person, sharing a moment in Sholozar.
21:16:35.531 Livius says: And we had some ... issues in our relationship.
21:16:38.859 Spingo says: ooooh
21:16:56.875 Livius says: And I likened our situation to two people having to sort of start from the beginning.
21:17:02.609 Spingo says: ahhhhh
21:17:06.000 Livius smiles slightly.
21:17:19.562 Livius says: And it was near the end of our talk....
21:17:32.500 Livius says: And we figured we were kind of done, you know, just wrapping up....
21:17:42.203 Hermannson looks tipsy.
21:17:42.515 Livius says: Saying our last words before heading off to sleep.
21:17:47.843 Livius says: It was rather late you understand....
21:17:50.734 Litheen listens intently to Livius.
21:17:52.609 Spingo nods at Livius.
21:18:07.359 Litheen looks tipsy.
21:18:13.109 Livius says: And we hit this subject of 'two people who already had something but now starting over'... you know, as if from the beginning.
21:18:25.375 Livius says: And I then sang this for her....
21:18:31.312 Spingo listens intently to Livius.
21:18:34.687 Syrutaya smiles at Livius.
21:18:43.171 Spingo makes notes in his journal
21:18:44.437 Brielle covers her eyes.
21:18:44.656 Livius says: Because we'd spent so much time apart and forgotten each other kind of, if you take my meaning...
21:18:47.281 Livius says: I sang this....
21:18:55.156 Litheen is getting drunk off of Brewfest Brew.
21:18:55.812 Hermannson is getting drunk off of Brewfest Brew.
21:19:15.312 Livius composes himself, eyes closed.
21:19:22.828 Livius says: o/~ And being apart's not easy on this looooove affair o/~
21:19:43.718 Livius says: o/~ Two strangers learn to fallllllll in looooove again o/~
21:19:56.000 Livius says: o/~ I get the joooyyyy of reeeee-discovering you o/~
21:20:03.734 Khârgash seems a little tipsy from the Brewfest Brew.
21:20:08.109 Spingo hums along
21:20:08.656 Litheen is completely smashed from the Brewfest Brew.
21:20:09.640 Syrutaya seems a little tipsy from the Flask of Port.
21:20:12.000 Livius says: o/~ Ooooh girl ... you stand .. byyyyy meeee... o/~
21:20:14.343 Falzan seems a little tipsy from the Brewfest Brew.
21:20:22.109 Livius says: o/~ I'm foreeevvvverrr youuuurrrrssss o/~
21:20:25.718 Livius pauses
21:20:30.093 Livius says: o/~ Faithfully o/~
21:20:33.156 Livius wipes a tear away.
21:20:36.640 Livius says: Gah
21:20:39.843 Livius says: Clowns.
21:20:41.468 Khârgash says: Tolerable...
21:20:43.109 Spingo cheers at Livius.
21:20:43.546 Litheen claps excitedly for Livius.
21:20:43.765 Livius wipes his eye again.
21:20:44.968 Falzan claps excitedly for Livius.
21:20:45.296 Hermannson is completely smashed from the Brewfest Brew.
21:20:48.031 Ahvie applauds at Livius. Bravo!
21:20:48.109 Syrutaya looks sorrowfully at Livius
21:20:49.890 Khârgash applauds at Livius. Bravo!
21:20:52.937 Brielle sighs.
21:20:54.578 Hermannson nods at Livius.
21:20:55.015 Hermannson looks drunk.
21:20:55.500 Sevishtra claps excitedly for Livius.
21:20:55.625 Livius says: And after I did that...
21:20:56.562 Litheen says: ghooray for the chief!
21:21:00.609 Livius says: You must understand....
21:21:02.687 Spingo claps excitedly for Livius.
21:21:10.656 Sabela holds hers hands to her chest sighing
21:21:11.968 Livius says: We were just about to depart and go to sleep, it was late.
21:21:15.843 Livius says: But after I did that, she....
21:21:22.046 Livius smiles a bit, shaking his head.
21:21:22.375 Litheen looks drunk.
21:21:24.781 Spingo yes yes?
21:21:25.109 Sabela says: That be lovely lad
21:21:32.218 Litheen says: She vhat..?
21:21:34.406 Spingo says: yes?
21:21:35.828 Livius says: She said there was no damn WAY she would let me go to bed right then.
21:21:37.875 Livius says: She....
21:21:40.312 Syrutaya seems to be sobering up.
21:21:42.281 Livius smiles and laughs.
21:21:43.796 Spingo says: oooh?
21:21:47.937 Livius says: was ... stupendous.
21:21:52.515 Spingo makes more notes
21:21:54.078 Syrutaya grins at Livius wickedly.
21:21:56.640 Brielle blushes.
21:21:59.375 Livius says: Alright, enough of that!
21:22:02.296 Falzan laughs.
21:22:04.484 Livius says: I'm done!
21:22:10.546 Livius says: Clowns.
21:22:11.468 Tyroll says: Spingo is going to write the next naughty novel on those notes.
21:22:12.359 Falzan says: Thank you Spingo!
21:22:16.953 Spingo says: i have an apology to make then
21:22:26.796 Ahvie smirks.
21:22:31.500 Spingo yells: LIVIUS IS NOT A DEMON!
21:22:38.156 Livius thanks Spingo.
21:22:39.484 Spingo says: Sorry
21:22:40.468 Brielle claps excitedly for Spingo.
21:22:40.703 Livius says: Thank you.
21:22:40.906 Litheen cheers at Spingo!
21:22:41.343 Syrutaya giggles
21:22:43.312 Spingo bows before Livius.
21:22:45.484 Ahvie says: Of course he's not. I keep telling you, I'm the only demon here.
21:22:45.484 Khârgash nods at Spingo.