The Dream

Last update: 28 August 2013



05 January 2012

My Dear Shando, Revered Mother,

The Dream calls me and I shall heed Her.  In truth, She has called me for some time now and I resisted.

I have tarried on Azeroth mainly for sense of duty.  Deathwing has defiled the Land and threatens to destroy us completely.  Obviously, we must stop him.  To that end, I've made my contribution in Mount Hyjal, The Firelands and other faraway places that opened up to us in the wake of The Cataclysm.  Although I've been successful in such efforts and proud, as always, to do my part, I must finally, at the end, be completely and painfully honest with you, which comes after I was completely and painfully honest with myself.  With that in mind, what I must tell you is this:  my heart is not in it.

Countless are the hours over days that I've spent in meditation and deep thought, turning the matter over and over again in my mind, searching for the answer to the question of "why?" If you compelled me to answer to that question in only one word, it would be "weariness".  It shames me to admit it, but I must be truthful:  I have not the will to see this through.

I need not list my accomplishments nor summarize my service over the past five and one half years -- what I have done, you already know. ; I am proud of it all and grateful for the respect it won me throughout the kingdoms -- especially from the two of you.  Your confidence in my ability to do what is good and right has always sustained me, even in the darkest of times.

But this I cannot continue.  I bent the entirety of my will. energy and passion to the defeat of Arthas.  Leading the Brigade to that great triumph is my crowning achievement and my legacy to Azeroth.  Now that it is done, I am spent.  I search my mind, looking for that part of me which cares about this dragon and I find only the indifference of one who has given all and has no more to give.  This task must fall to another, one with the will, energy and passion to see it through.

I can do no more for Azeroth -- but I can still serve.  I therefore go to honor the pact with Ysera, which all druids must eventually honor, which you, Dear Shando, have already honored, for which the two of you paid such a high price for so long.  I join now with those druids whose sacrifice preserves the fabric of the Emerald Dream and thus secures the future of our own world.  In so doing, I follow in the great footsteps of Cenarius, of you, my Shando and countless other heroes.  In such great company, I no longer need be ashamed.

Elune and Cenarius be with you always,

Your faithful servant,

Marcus Livius