Last update: 20 September 2013


21 August 2013


High the memory carry on
While the moments start to linger.
Sail away among your dreams.
The strength regains us in between our time.

from Tales from Topographic Oceans by YES


He flies around Stormwind, no destination, simply circles the city, revels in the excitement of wind beneath wings, as if he's never flown before.  He remembers Moonglade.  Alights upon a rooftop, focuses on the Druidic haven a continent away ... and he's there.  He stands for an entire hour on the bank of Lake Elune'ara, just gazing at the water, speaks to wardens Kaldorei and Tauren,  pays respects at the Shrine of Remulos.  Finally takes wing, heads south, climbs higher and higher into the ever-thinner air, crests the mountain and descends into Hyjal proper. 

Dawn of thought, transferred through moments of days undersearching earth, revealing corridors of time, provoking memories -- disjointed, but with purpose.   from Tales from Topographic Oceans by YES

He spends the next two weeks in Azeroth, starting in Kalimdor ... no plan, simply flies wherever his fancy takes him.  He becomes one with The Panther again, relearns how to fight with tooth and claw.  Desolace -- no longer so desolate since the Cataclysm.  He tackles the Satyr, earns favor with the maidens of Elune, neutralizes a naga uprising, does odd jobs for the Cenarions, residents of the new, lush, green refuge in the center.  Feralas.  Deals with ogres, water spirits, out-of-control wildlife.  Through it all, he smiles, occasionally laughs, such is his joy and sense of wonder, as if he sees the world for the first time.

Stand on hills of long forgotten yesterdays!
Pass amongst your memories told returning ways.
As certain as we walk today.
from Tales from Topographic Oceans by YES

He crosses the big water, back to the Eastern Kingdoms, makes an unplanned side trip to Redridge, visits the gnolls, breaks human warriors out of captivity, helps them come together as a fighting force, overturn the gnolls' stranglehold on the territory and defeat a dragon ... wipes the tears from his eyes as they pay the ultimate price while he alone lives on.    Thinks he'll move to Darkshire next -- there's a plea for help from there.

Do you have the message?

He frowns.  Why is so much help needed in Azeroth?  Didn't I do this before I went to the Dream?  Yes, but that was a long time ago.  Events in this world have moved and new challenges await.  Desolace, Feralas, Redridge ... there must be many more.  I could let someone else do it, but ... I don't see anyone else doing it, so...

Do you have the message?

He finds a high tree, lands, digs his talons into the branch, stabilizes, perfectly balanced.  Breathes slow and deep.

Alright...what message?