Developing Mind

24 October 2019

" How do I get rid of them?

You can't. My thoughts are yours now.

Was this the only way?

A pause, before the answer comes. The only way. But not the only outcome. The meld is unpredictable. This is YOUR outcome.

How am I to live with this? Memories attack me everywhere I go. I cannot go anywhere, look at anything, without remembering something I never did.

You live with it by living your life.

...What do you mean?

A curse it may seem, but a blessing if you have the will. Turn memories into knowledge. Then apply what you know. But to YOUR life, as it comes to you. Others must gain this over time. You are reborn with it. Make it yours, go forth and do great things.

A pause. Then a warning...

Do not waste my gift.

The bond fades. The young druid is alone again. He sits motionless for a long time, eyes far away, deep in his thoughts.

Finally, he stands, takes up the staff and walks on.