Why I Play Classic 01

25 June 2020


Moments like this are why I play Classic. This moment is the culmination of one of those notoriously long quest lines that requires a lot of not-easy-to-get stuff that takes you all over Azeroth. Staghelm has a reputation of being a dick and of course we saw what happened to him in Cataclysm. But here, he bows. To me. The tangible rewards for this questline are trivial and not near worth the effort. That's not why I do it. I do it because the Archdruid -- one impressed by none and and not inclined to bow to any -- is impressed by me and bows to me. Retail can shower you with barely-earned gifts until their weight crushes you. No thank you -- moments like THIS are the ones I remember. This is why I play. This is what makes a game good.