Why I Play Classic 02

25 June 2020


Why I play WoW Classic, reason #23 (or thereabouts): tactical thinking required. Consider the following:

I need the Bear, but not the Thistle. The latter is a pain in the ass, especially since I'm melee, because he freezes me in a block of ice a few times during the fight. It interrupts my damage rotation, it often happens just as I'm about to DoT him ... It's annoying as hell. So I'd rather not fight him. If this were Retail, who cares? -- just run in, do your overpowered multi-mob attack thingie and you roflstomp everything nearby faster than you can say, "I'm such a pwner, it gives me a bo--".

Not so in Classic. Here, I must use something scary to get what I want: patience. Oh, I know, it's a tough concept to get one's head around! I wait, as the two of them pace back and forth, until the right moment, when the distance is big enough. Then I strike the Bear and kite him away. The Bear goes down, I take his loot and skin and the Thistle is none the wiser.

Tactics and patience. OK, that's two reasons.