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Last Update to page:  24.07.2021


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I devote this part of my web to "Livius", my character on the World of Warcraft Classic Server "Hydraxian Waterlords(EU)".

I'm deeply grateful to Blizzard for releasing Classic. At long last, we again have an MMORPG where you must work for what you get, where success feels all the better exactly because the way was long and hard, where there is true social interaction and where the journey really is the reward.

Update 24.07.2021
Yesterday, I cancelled my subscription. It's sad -- I was having such a lovely time. Here is what I wrote to Blizzard:

"Your culture of racism and sexism that has recently come to light. I cannot condone it -- ever. I do this with heavy heart. I subbed for Classic and it's a WONDERFUL game! It's hard for me to give it up. But I cannot support a company with my subscription Euros, when that company's culture is as sick as yours has become. I don't rule out a return and, in fact, I hope that you will give me a reason to do just that. But you need to do a lot of work to fix yourself. Good luck."

The above broke me. But to be real: Blizzard already ruined TBC Classic with monetization -- after publicly promising, in written form, to never do it.  Such greed. Blizzard is no longer a game company, but a revenue generation machine. The irony is: if you live a lie, it eventually catches up to you. Eventually, Blizzard won't generate revenue.

I stand by what I said in my cancel message, but honestly, I can't see Blizzard ever making the changes needed to restore their reputation.