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Last update:  20.03.2019

A Jedi will always seek the truth.

I will study the mysteries of the Force and act with calm and clarity.

I will expose the dark side's deceit to unite our allies.

And with The Force on our side, justice will prevail.

I'm inactive on SWTOR because I feel the game has gone as far as it reasonably can. It was a wonderful run and I'm so glad I was a part of it! But there are other MMOs out there that I believe do it better today.

Why I played SWTOR, top three:

I know, that's only two, but "story" deserves the extra mention. SWTOR came to be during BioWare's golden age, when they were at the top of their game and nobody did it better. Sadly, they've fallen -- hard -- since then. You can find plenty about that elsewhere, so I'm not going to rehash it.

I may go back some day, simply to satisfy nostalgia for a bit, but I don't expect to ever play it regularly again. There are three things that may compel me to rethink:

1. Graphics Engine Update. Seriously, BW, it's the 21st century. Could we have something that's above the level of "cartoon"? (Same message to you, Blizzard).

2. EA Cuts BioWare Loose and BioWare Gets Its Mojo Back. I think that one requires no further elaboration.

3. Environmental Events. Is it so unreasonable to expect a day/night cycle and some random weather effects? It may sound trivial, but go visit an MMO that has that -- then come back and tell me I'm trivializing.

I was Livius, Jedi Consular Sage on The Progenitor (now merged).




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