Wolf Tales

© 2003-2006 Marcus Livius

Last update: 20.12.2021

This is a continuing series of short stories I write about a certain High Elf who becomes a Garou.

Copyright & Disclaimer

All "Wolf Tales" stories are my own creation. That said, I gratefully acknowledge my debt to two sources:

(1) Werewolf: The Apocalypse: for general Garou concepts that appear throughout the stories.

(2)  Darkwind: for various settings and characters as well as "Garou abilities" which I use throughout the stories. DarkWindô is a registered trademark of Jason Alexander.

I write these stories solely for my own entertainment and the entertainment of whoever cares to read them. If my stories enrich the reader's interest in Werewolf or Darkwind, then that's grand. My stories are not for profit or commercial use.

I hope you enjoy them. Here's feedback Iíve received while Darkwind was active. And now to the stories...

 1  The Old Man

14  Seeking

 2  The Beast Within

15  The Dancers

 3  The Ointment

16  Battle Plan

 4  Initiation

17  The Report

 5  Hunted

18  The Battle

 6  The Test

19  The Dancer

 7  Pack Hunt

20  Aftermath

 8  The Duel

21  The Shaman

 9  A Difficult Mission

22  Exorcism

10  In Town

23  Guilt

11  The Witch

24  The Pup

12  Back Home

25  Renown

13  The Gift

26  Taking Leave