The Gallery

Last update:  19 September 2013


Here you can find screenshots I've made over my time on Darkmoon Faire (EU).  The date shows my last update to that link.

Livius (19 September 2013)

     Some stuff about me.

Locations (10 September 2013)

     Instances or landscapes that I thought were beautiful or interesting.

Silverain (05 July 2011)

     Suger, Spice & Everyone's Nice.

Blackmist Brigade (17 June 2011)

     The guild I founded on on 11 May 2008 and led until 02 May 2011.

Cupcake College (20 May 2011)

     The guild I joined after Blackmist Brigade.

Daelia  (19 November 2010)

     Longtime friend who finally found her way to the Druidic path.  (Inactive).

Friends (20 January 2010)

     Anyone I consider a "friend" who doesn't have their own directory.

Kaylea  (22 December 2008)

     "Little Holy Girl" ... but not so "little" anymore.  (Inactive).

Ithiluna  (06 January 2008)

     Priestess of Elune.  Born, raised and passed in Winterspring.  (Inactive).

Ziazan (02 November 2007)

     Weirdness personified.  (Inactive).

Nebesa (19 September 2007)

     A frequent customer of my auctions, fellow Druid and fun adventuring partner.  Still comes around on rare occasions.  (Inactive)

Mostly Mishrack (21 March 2007)

     Dwarf Paladin, later corrupted by Arthas, now a Deathknight.  Others here from my Cohort days.  (Inactive)

Pantareah (31 January 2007)

     My genuinely strange, former fellow guild officer.  (Inactive).

Aaxia  (31 January 2007)

     Double-bladed whirlwind with a good heart.  (Inactive).

Laileth  (03 January 2007)

     Top-notch seamstress who made most of my 14-slot bags and all of my 16s.  If the bag label says "Made by Laileth", you know what you're getting!  I still see her on rare occasions.  (Inactive).

Antonia (30 December 2006)

     My long-time hunting companion who taught me most of what I know about combat, getting around and just about everything.  And no, we're just friends, ok?  Because of some unhappy events early in her life, she went by the alias "Panthergirl" for a long time, only recently coming out and using her real name.  She still comes around on rare occasions.