Before MMORPGs, there were MUDs (multi-user dungeons/dimensions) -- think "text-only MMO" and you'll perhaps get the idea. You didn't click the enemy and activate your hotkey to attack -- you typed "kill orc" to start, then you typed in commands to use your various abilities during the fight. It all played out in text on your screen.

Obviously, by today's standards, that's primitive. But back then, that was "multiplayer internet gaming". And it was great fun! With the advent of graphics-based MPGs, which became "MMORPGs", the MUDs either disappeared or slid into insignificance. Players simply moved to the MMOs. Who can blame them? I moved, too. Who can blame me?

But before that happened, oh what a grand time it was! We, the players, were so passionate and invested in what we did there. Never before was there a place where people from all over the world could come together, do group combat, fight political battles, roleplay, make friends, make enemies ... you name it.

The best MUD I ever played was "Darkwind" and that is what this page is about. The "subjects" URLs below are mostly for nostalgia, as the game is basically dead. But you can still play it, if you want -- the "Darkwind" link below left will get you there! Just don't expect to see more than 2-5 people online, for a MUD that used to have over 100 at peak.

Darkwind's heydey is over. But it will always live in my memory. I am proud to have been part of it. And I must have done something OK there, because after I stopped playing, the admins created an NPC with my name. You can find him in the Garou guild cave.

...and I am Wolf...
...for I am Garou -- in me, Elf and Wolf are one.
I am High Elf...



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